Reflections over Media Production I


Before this course, I had a very limited skill set when it came to technologically communicating, and not even a basic understanding of some of the programs we learned. My skills have greatly expanded thanks to the tutorials and habitual use of the steps necessary. I now can operate final cut pro, adobe media encoder, garage band, photoshop (for editing photos), wordpress, switch, and much more.

Being able to maneuver through these programs to create slideshows, podcasts, HD videos, blogs, and projects is a useful and wanted skill in the professional world, one that I hope to make use of in the future.

Visually, I can now better conceptualize, while in the planning process, how projects should turn out after taking this class. The five shot rule guides me in video project creation, so my video will flow better and make more sense to the viewer. Angle and lighting are also two factors I have learned to take into account in order to complete a project to its highest potential.

I now understand the compromise of high quality pictures and high file size. Of course, we would all like the most high definition possible, but not if it takes four minutes to load. The transitions recommended in the tutorials ensure that the viewer is not jarred or taken aback by quick cuts, but rather has an enjoyable experience when going over my material.

There is no doubt that I have grown in my interpersonal communication this year while completing the assignments of this course. I needed contact, schedule, interview, get up close and personal while shooting, and properly thank all those who agreed to help me. This of course is sometimes nerve-racking, when conducting interviews with those who are not close to you. This course helped me learn through trial and error the most effective and stress free way to communicate with those who are the subjects of a project.


Start of the semester

My worries and wishes of the new semester.

As I begin the semester, at St. Mary’s, I feel quite a bit more comfortable compared to the start of my freshman year, and yet, I suppose that’s how it is for everyone. Although the experience is less nerve-racking, there are still challenges I am anticipating for this course.

I sometimes have trouble learning the peculiarities of certain computer programs and remembering all the essential steps necessary for a satisfactory result. I will attempt to write down detailed notes so if my memory fails me, I will have a safeguard. Another aspect of the course I feel trepidation over is the interview assignment mentioned. I am known to be somewhat wary of approaching people I do not know personally, but I am sure this can be overcome, as it is required course material.

Although these challenges do sometimes vex me, the excitement I feel over other parts of the course far outweighs my worry. The creative nature of the class is what I am most eager. I love editing, designing and appreciating a beautiful end result.

This course reflects my desires for a future career by allowing me to design websites, a handy skill in business, and by giving me the opportunity to create video and audio presentations.

Luck is in my favor as I begin this opportunity to learn valuable skills this semester, and I am hopeful to make the most out of the experience.