About- Sydnee Hodge

Sydnee Hodge is a sophomore English communication arts major at St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas.

Her experiences in internships and previous job encounters had sparked an interest in the communication field. Most notably, an internship at a local nonprofit, The San Antonio Furniture Bank, ingrained the importance of an education that yields effective communication skills, especially in regards to community service. There she learned, with the help of mentors, that without the power to convey a message clearly and effectively, successful communication can never be achieved.

Hodge has also had experience in professional business settings through part-time work with a shipping company, where she learned to use numerous software platforms. She is able to make use of business management programs that build organizational skills, useful in all careers. Hodge has dabbled in creative programs as well, such as Adobe Photoshop. Designing unique and inspiring creations is one her most fond activities. She hopes to further her writing and design skills while she advances in education and life experience.

Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Sydnee now resides in Boerne, Texas, 30 miles from St. Mary’s.